/Indonesia Wooden Furniture Exporters in Jepara

Indonesia Wooden Furniture Exporters in Jepara

Indonesia furniture exporters give you many choices of wooden furniture products with high quality. The manufacturers and exporters produce many kind furniture products include indoor, outdoor and recycled furniture with selected material of teak, rattan, banana leaf, and wicker, also provide accessories and handicrafts from various materials. Furniture products like colonial, modern contemporary exotics and special costume made to order special design.

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The center of furnitures is located in Jepara – Central Java. One part area of Java island which has known as the biggest furniture producer in Indonesia. There are many importers like to buy wooden furniture in Jepara because Jepara furniture has trusted as the best. It because mostly the furniture products are handmade and carved by talented craftsman.

Get the qualified furniture products in this small town with reasonable prices. You will astonished with those wide various choices like; Chair, arm chair, garden set, lounger, sofa, table, bed set, cabinet, bar counter, chest of drawer, dresser, console table, dining set, dining table, living set, coffee table, sofa, wardrobe, rattan furniture and others furniture products.

Surely, the furniture companies also offer you the wood material that you want: Teak, Mahogany, Pine, Oak, Randu, Mango, Rattan and many more. You just need to decide which styles, models, materials and prices that you want.