/Indonesian Furniture Made of Pine Wood

Indonesian Furniture Made of Pine Wood

Most of the pine wood grows in America and the Asian continent, including Indonesia, especially in Sumatra, such as Tusam and Merkusii pine woods. However, the most commonly used pine woods are radiata pine (imported by New Zealand) and merkusi pine. For this type of pine wood, the tree grows quite rapidly and has fairly high market demand. Now, pine trees are also specially cultivated on mass basis with much better quality that denser and contains resin and environmentally friendly.

Just as Kaso wood which are quite popular, you may be familiar with pine wood. The shape is easily characterized by lighter weight, bright colors such as light yellow or wood beige, and has smooth wood grain and very natural feel. The texture is also not dense and easy to shape. The appeal of pine wood can also be seen in its distinctive grain and knot grooves. Old pine wood will also have a patina, which is a natural stroke with beautiful antique feel. Right for antique furniture elements, right?

Pine wood is widely used in woodworking, especially in the manufacture of furniture such as office tables, chairs, and wall shelves. Many like pine wood as furniture because of its natural strokes and natural-looking finish. Pine wood is also often lined up as a basic material for making household items such as house windows, household accessories and handicrafts. Pine wood furniture is also easy and efficient to move around. The muted colors are very easy to mix and match with various themes in the house. No wonder pine wood is a favorite for many interior designers because it is easy to make and shape.

Its dry and termite-resistant nature is also why pine wood is often chosen as a packaging material. Ideally, pine wood is often used as pallet wood or packaging wood to wrap imported goods from Europe.

You don’t have to bother looking for a way to get rid of termites. But keep in mind that because of its non-solid texture, pine is not suitable for storing water. Don’t be surprised if pine wood that looks dry and light turns out to have a fairly reliable durability. Although not as strong as real teak wood, pine wood is strong and sturdy enough as a piece of furniture with anti-shock characteristics, which is resistant to impact and less damage due to hard contact.