/Inexpensive Creative Room Dividers

Inexpensive Creative Room Dividers

Every room in a house does not always have to be separated by a wall. For a more unified or wider impression, each space can divide by room dividers. However, underestimating the selection of room dividers will affect the final result of the room. On the other hand, with the right space divider it will not only be more functional but have added visuals value.

No wonder most people are not half-hearted when designing room dividers using expensive materials such as glass, iron, or others. You don’t need to worry because you can also have aesthetic and beautiful room divider at low budget. With a little creativity, here are a variety of room divider design options that you can choose from.

Space Dividers from Bamboo Stems
To make natural impression, bamboo stalks can be an alternative choice as a space divider material other than tree branches. You can arrange bamboo sticks neatly or randomly with different tilt angles and diameters to present a variety of styles and atmosphere of the room. Combine this room divider with oriental interior style room for attractive visual harmony. A natural-style interior design can also be a fitting alternative to present this kind of room divider.

Natural Divider Room of Tree Branches
Who would have thought that the remains of tree branches that often considered as rubbish could transformed creatively into attractive space dividers? You can arrange slender branches tightly in long plant pots so that it gives more private impression between spaces. You can place this partition near the sofa to separate the living room and family room.

For the open impression, you can take larger tree branches and arrange them loosely as a room divider. Room dividers from tree branches like this can be an option for natural style spaces. Provide lights from the bottom, so that the shadows and light become more dynamic due to the organic formation of tree branches.

Room Divider from Hanging Plants
Instal some hanging plants or a vertical garden in your house is not only bring fresh atmosphere to the room, but can also be an attractive space divider. Use a pipe or rope to hold long pots of plants. For a more private room divider, you can take advantage of vines so that the leaves can become more closed room divider.