/Inspiring Designs of Warm Wooden Bedroom

Inspiring Designs of Warm Wooden Bedroom

To get quality sleep, you really don’t need a big bedroom and carved bed like kings. Generally, there is a soft mattress to lie on, with a tired body, then good sleep might be obtained. However, a representative bedroom can also contribute to making your rest more quality.

Wood can give dominance impression

Want to have a warm and comfortable bedroom? Try to build or renovating a bedroom with wooden elements. You might be able to create traditional style for your bedroom. Today’s, traditional style has broad in meaning. In a way, you might interpret the traditional style as classic style or even an old style. However, there’re also those who assume that the traditional style is non-contemporary style. Whatever the opinion about the meaning of traditional style, from various materials, there may be nothing more able to represent the traditional impression than wood. Wood can give the most classic impression. And if you want comfortable traditional impression that is looks like a vacation home, a combination of wooden beds and wooden floors will be able to make your sleep well.

One of the home styles that have been favored by urbanites in recent years is the Industrial style. The home style that began to be popular in Europe in the early 1970s is indeed very suitable for contemporary housing, because it is very practical, simple, and cost-effective. Even so, because the industrial style is very concise and raw, sometimes there is a cold and stiff impression when applied to housing, especially the bedroom. For this reason, the element of wood in industrial style room could be a balancing element so that the room feel warm. Put a wooden bed in this industrial style room, then the elements of industry mix with the natural elements will be balanced in your room.

Wood can give dominance impression that narrows the bedroom, especially if the placement or style does not match with the layout of the room. Conversely, if the application of wood is in properly applied, the room look fresh and light. The bedroom that dominated by wood, starting from the bed, bench, headboard, to the wall panels all in solid wood color; makes the room feel natural. However, the room remains comfortable with bright color balance on the walls and faded brown color on the wooden floor. The compact and modern design also makes this bedroom effective and looks even more spacious.