/Instant Ways to Make a Cool Home When the Heat Hits

Instant Ways to Make a Cool Home When the Heat Hits

Sometimes, the temperature of the house can suddenly rise when it is very hot outside. This will make all the activities at home uncomfortable. A cool house can actually realized with a few small steps at home.

Close the Curtain
30% of the heat in the house turns out to come from sunlight that comes through the windows. Especially, the windows facing east and west. By closing the curtains, you can reduce the temperature significantly.

Changing Sheets and Pillows
Who would have thought that changing sheets and pillows could make the house cool? It turns out that replacing the two items can reduce the heat on the mattress. Flannel sheets and fleece blankets on bed sheets are the two best materials for insulation. While cotton provide extra space used by the fabric to “breathe” so that the surface feels cooler. For a cold pillow, choose one that contains wheat bran. The wheat germ is equipped with natural air spaces that will not retain body heat.

Limiting Water Use When It’s Hot
When the weather outside is scorching hot, the water temperature will increase. This also applies to the water in the home tank. The water flowing from the tank will cause humidity in the house which causes the temperature to rise. Therefore, try to postpone washing dishes, bathing, and watering plants so that the house doesn’t feel hot.

Opening the Door in the House
Doors to unused rooms are usually closed. In fact, it able to make hot air trapped in the room’s house. Start opening inward doors and windows so that cool air move in the house.

Managing the Use of Electronic Goods
Some appliances that use electricity at home can actually make the room temperature hot. The reason is, electronic goods tend to produce heat that can spread throughout the room. Here are some ways you can practice to deal with it:

  • Replace conventional bulbs with LED bulbs that generate less heat.
  • Turn off lights, TV and computer when not in use.
  • Do not open the refrigerator door too often because the cooler motor that works harder can make the air around the room hotter.

Storing Plants on the Balcony
Storing plants on balcony or roof terrace can keep the house cool. However, this method will work if you keep real plants. Plants can cool the room because the soil absorbing the heat of the sun. In a simple way like this, the room facing the balcony will feel cool.

Letting the Night Wind in
Sometimes, the heat occur even without the sun. Hot air that strikes the house at night can make sleeping uncomfortable. For that, you can open the balcony door or window before going to bed so that night air enter your house. However, don’t forget to close it again when the room feels cool.