/Jepara Minimalist Furniture Raw Materials

Jepara Minimalist Furniture Raw Materials

The main raw material used by craftsmen as the main material for making Jepara minimalist furniture is teak wood. This wood is widely sold in Jepara and well known for its beauty fibers and strength. The teak wood used for making minimalist furniture has average diameter of more than 20 cm, to get a board with stable in structure and does not easily shrink or change shape due to weather changes.

There are several grades or levels of quality. The division of this quality grade is to give buyers the option to buy minimalist teak furniture in Jepara according to their budget. Even they use teak, the price can be very different between grade C and grade A.

Another wood used in making minimalist furniture is mahogany. This wood is cheaper than Teak with almost the same strength. However, the use of mahogany is to fulfill orders for minimalist furniture with solid color paint finishing. Why? because the application of solid color paint is not suitable for Teak wood.

Solid paint finishes are basic colors such as white, red, green, blue and others. In the market, it is called duco paint. Why is Teak not suitable for using duco paint? because Teak has a high natural oil content. This oil makes Teak wood very durable and long lasting, but its effect on the paint color is causing a yellowish stain over time. Teak wood’s natural oils seep out into the paint and stain, much like water seeping through wood. Only dry not muddy like real water, and the color is dark.

Another suitable material as a substitute for teak wood is pine. Pine wood grain is very prominent and looks naturally beautiful if it is finished using a light color such as wax or light melamine. And most importantly, the price of pine wood is much cheaper than teak or mahogany.

Actually, all wood can be used to make minimalist furniture, but the 3 woods above are the main ones and are commonly used by Jepara furniture craftsmen. Minimalist furniture is also widely made using plywood, MDF and other processed wood materials. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.