/Know Some Types of Wardrobe, Which One Suits Your Needs?

Know Some Types of Wardrobe, Which One Suits Your Needs?

Of the many pieces of home furniture, the wardrobe is one of the most essential pieces of furniture and should not be absent. Wardrobe usually use to store various clothes of all family members and make it neat. Wardrobe is multifunctional furniture. Although not recommended, some people stored personal items such as cell phones, laptops, objects that are no longer used, and even valuables such as jewelry, money, or important documents in the wardrobe.

With the number of different clothes, a person’s needs for a wardrobe also different. Before look for other factors, the most important factor is the capacity of the wardrobe. The more clothes you have, of course, you will need a larger wardrobe. 3 door wardrobe is the most ideal for large capacity.

Only after the capacity requirements have been met, you can look for wardrobe based on other considerations such as model, color, material, or size. Wardrobe is often placed in the bedroom and the size needs to be adjusted to the bedroom size.

As with other furniture, such as beds, don’t let the bedroom feel full and crowded because the size of the wardrobe is too big. For example, for a bedroom measuring six to eight square meters, a two-door wardrobe is an appropriate and proportionate choice.

Open Wardrobe
This wardrobe can be a major consideration if your bedroom area is not too large. Open wardrobes do not have doors and usually designed for small spaces. The models are quite diverse, ranging from those using iron frames to wooden boards like hotel wardrobes.
Open wardrobes can have open shelves or closed drawers for storing folded clothes. With an open and doorless design, an open wardrobe can make the bedroom feel more spacious than using a larger wardrobe like a 3-door wardrobe.

Two Door Wardrobe
This wardrobe model is one of the most favorite and widely used. Not only for private home, but also boarding rooms or dormitories. The size of this wardrobe is compact and doesn’t take up too much space in a standard size bedroom.
One of the advantages is, of course, the hinged door which makes the clothes storage space more private and protects clothes from sticks dust or dirt. The interior of a two-door wardrobe is usually a combination of more flexible hanger rails, shelves and drawers.

Three Door Wardrobe
If the size of the bedroom is larger, for example for the main bedroom that occupied by two people, this type of wardrobe will be an ideal choice. The capacity is enough for two people’s clothes, one door can be dedicated to you, one to your couple, and another to be shared.
In addition to solid or plain doors, a three-door wardrobe can use multifunctional glass doors. The mirror attached to the door can be used to look yourself when choosing clothes and dressing up when going to work or having an important event.

Corner Wardrobe
Corner wardrobe is also known as L wardrobe because of its shape that resembles the letter L. Corner wardrobe is often chosen to increase the storage capacity of clothes without taking up too much space in the bedroom.
Also, to outsmart an empty corner that quite wide and awkward when other furniture placed. The corner wardrobe model itself can be a combination of an open wardrobe, a 2-door wardrobe, or a 3-door wardrobe with an additional wardrobe at the corner.

Wardrobe with Sliding Doors
A wardrobe with hinged doors is a more conventional wardrobe than a wardrobe with sliding doors. Sliding door wardrobes are usually selected or specially ordered to save more space. Usually also to overcome the narrow angle of the door opening and maybe the hinged door cabinet will hit.
Sliding door wardrobe models can also be taken from conventional wardrobes. 2-door wardrobe or 3-door wardrobe whose hinged doors are replaced with sliding doors. Sliding wardrobe doors can added to the mirror for dressing needs.