/Knowing Processed Wood for Furniture

Knowing Processed Wood for Furniture

The best quality of furniture is determined by the type of main material used and its finish. In the past, furniture was made of whole wood without any connections. Wood furniture like this will be stronger because it is thick. Over time, the supply of wood was running low, furniture from whole wood was no longer possible to make. Currently solid wood is increasingly scarce and the effect is the price increasingly expensive, so that as an alternative, wood waste is also used.

With wood processing technology, wood waste can be processed into plywood, blockboard, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), and particle board. Currently, the quality of processed wood is also improving so that it provides many choices for the furniture maker industry, various benches and chairs, beds, bedside tables, and various types of cabinets including wardrobes or cupboard, and also kitchen sets. As is the case with solid wood, various processed woods also has a quirk of character.

The following are the characters of two types of processed wood that are quite popular in use.

MDF wood
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is processed wood made from wood pulp mixed with certain chemicals and then compacted using special glue. The drying process is at up to 1,800 degrees Celsius. The final form of MDF is in boards or sheets that ready to cut as needed. For example, for beds, TV decorations, tables, and cabinets. MDF raw material is obtained from plantation wood so that it does not damage existing forest wood.

The wood taken for MDF is not of the type that is often used for furniture such as teak, ramin, mahogany, and others. So that in terms of economic value, MDF is more affordable for all levels of society. To produce an attractive appearance, the final finishing of MDF uses several layers, such as veneer (thin wood slices), PVC (poly Vinyl Carbonate), paper and fancy laminated. Finishes are available in various textures, both those that resemble natural wood textures and other textures. MDF has an unlimited finishing texture and a variety of colors. Furniture that uses MDF material is usually practical furniture, such as with a knockdown system.

This system is used in almost all furniture industries with gluing using wooden or small plastic rods (dowels) and connecting bolts that allow the product to be easily assembled. MDF raw material obtained from plantation wood, does not destroy existing forest wood. MDF wood is most appropriate for accommodating knockdown system furniture where the gluing system uses dowels and connecting bolts.

Environmentally friendly, affordable, and supports practicality, this type of wood processed by MDF also gives an attractive appearance. MDF has an unlimited finishing texture and a variety of colors. This makes it possible to realize designs according to tastes and needs.

Particle Board / Chipboard
Just like plywood and blockboard, particle board is also a type of processed wood. The material for making and the manufacturing process is also similar to MDF wood, the difference lies in the raw material. Particle board is made of coarse wood powder mixed with certain chemicals and compacted using glue then dried at high temperature. The final shape of the particle board is also a board or sheet that is ready to be cut as needed.

So, many types will affect the choice of every furniture industry. However, it’s not as easy as turning your hand to get the materials. Its availability in the market is not necessarily complete, plus the quality of the materials. Sufficient experience is required to be able to choose a truly high quality and character like the one described above. For the sake of ensuring the quality of the furniture, especially the cabinets that you buy or make, ordering from a trusted furniture maker industry will be safer and more comfortable. Quality materials guarantee durability and can be used longer.