/Make These 3 Furniture Looks Always New

Make These 3 Furniture Looks Always New

There are furniture or household items that you often use but the appearance is very shabby. Even though the function is still optimal, sometimes just because the color is dull or doesn’t look slick anymore, you then replace it with a new one. Actually, there are special tricks that you can apply to the following pieces of furniture and household equipment. So that the appearance always looks new and you don’t need to replace it in a hurry.

Fabric furniture
Cloth sofas, chairs with upholstery or fabric cushions, do need regular cleaning. Every day always get rid of dust on the furniture. Can use a cloth or vacuum cleaner. When washing, make sure to use a formula that is not too harsh, because it can damage the color and make it dull.

Plastic container
Food packaging made of plastic is a mainstay for carrying children’s food. But often the color changes when you bring some foods with red sauce or yellow seasoning. There are special tricks to prevent blemishes. Spray the container with nonstick cooking spray before use. The coating will protect the stain from getting into the plastic particles which make it difficult to remove.

To make the towels softer and cleaner and always look new, don’t use a lot of soap. In fact, the foam residue can make the towel texture stiff and the color dull. When washing, mix it with a little white vinegar. Its mildly acidic substance will remove residue effectively and make towels softer.