/Marble Vs Wood Dining Table, Which is Best for the Dining Room?

Marble Vs Wood Dining Table, Which is Best for the Dining Room?

The dining table is an important piece of furniture in the dining room and is a long-term investment. This dining table can be used for daily routines, casual events, or formal events. However, there are many things to consider before buying a dining table, one of them is table material. Choosing a dining table material can be a confusing task. In addition to many choices, each dining table material has its own advantages and disadvantages. At least, there are two dining table materials that widely used, they are marble and wood. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of both and which is the best for the dining room?

The marble dining table features a marble surface or slab as a base or sitting on it. Bases can made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and even other types of natural stone. Marble dining tables are available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Many manufacturers can work with customers to find the right type of edge style, which can vary from angular beveled edges to round or square edges.

Wooden dining tables are found in many homes. Wood is available in a variety of finishes, excluding paint colors, which makes the possibilities endless. Wooden dining tables are very versatile and come in variety of sizes, shapes and decorating styles. Wood can be carved, cut, and even shaped into various shapes and styles.

Marble dining tables are often assumed as expensive tastes that make a room feel classy and formal. However, a marble dining table can placed in the dining kitchen for a more casual feel. Marble is a very durable and sturdy material. However, as with many other natural stone tools, marble requires regular maintenance, including regular re-sealing. If a spill occurs, clean it up immediately as liquid can seep into the stone and cause damage. In addition, heavy objects placed on it can scratch the finishing coat, even scratching the stone itself if the marble has not been properly sealed. When shopping for a marble dining table, be sure to check for cracks and damage to the marble, both before and after it arrives home.

Today, not all “wood” tables are made of real solid wood. Real solid wood tends to age well and last a long time, making it a good investment for a family. However, wooden dining tables can be expensive, depending on the quality and type of wood used. In addition, the weight of the wooden dining table is very heavy which makes it difficult to move. However, over time, a wooden dining table can warp even if it is cared for properly. Similar to marble dining tables, wooden tables must also cleaned regularly with safe products. In fact, it is resealed regularly to help prevent damage to the finishing. Scratches and dents on a wooden dining table can difficult to cover as the finish difficult to match. In addition, a wooden dining table can look great in both casual and formal dining rooms.