/Material Use in Indonesia Furniture Industry

Material Use in Indonesia Furniture Industry

The Indonesian government said that the furniture industry is one of the priority and leading sectors that is able to make a significant contribution to the growth of the national economy, especially foreign exchange. The furniture industry has become a priority or superior, including Indonesian exports, because Indonesia has a long tradition, has raw materials, has strong craftsmen, many strong industries and foreign demand is still high.

In the midst of a world that increasingly respectful of the environment, this is also an aspect that must be considered, because the furniture manufacturing industry must also be sustainable. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly but sustainable furniture materials is prioritized by Indonesian furniture companies.

Material selection is about making responsible decisions. When they cannot use renewable resources, they replace them with recycled materials. With all of that, they try to keep the furniture they make affordable and of high quality. But it’s not just about materials. It’s about the people involved, the production process, and also the transportation. And there is always room for improvement. By working together and being open to challenges, the goal of Indonesia furniture manufacturers is to ensure the use of sustainable raw materials in the long term and change the pattern of industrial work.

Wood is an important thing in furniture production. Wood makes furniture products always look beautiful and sturdy enough to be passed on to the next generation. But forests are very vulnerable and sensitive to the way we care for them. Therefore, the use of wood in Indonesia is monitored by the government and must obtain a permit from the forestry service.

Furniture made of wood is still in the first position among furniture made from other materials. Wood is a common raw material used for furniture compared to other materials. For a long time, wood from Indonesian forests, especially teak, has been the best raw material for making furniture. Indonesia ranks as the main supplier of teak in the world, especially for furniture, but for other types of wood for furniture such as nyatoh wood, sungkai, and the like, it also ranks quite high as well.