/Minimalist and Simple Wooden Canopy Model

Minimalist and Simple Wooden Canopy Model

Currently, many houses have wooden canopies. Usually the installed canopy functions as a protector, creating a more shady atmosphere and beautifying the outside look of the house. The canopy itself is a home accessory in a structure and has almost the same function as tile. This additional canopy is usually made attached to the wall of the house and has buffer on the side. In addition, there is also a canopy installed hanging on the terrace of the house.

Viewed from the basic material of manufacture, canopies are divided into several types, such as fabric canopies, iron canopies, UPVC canopies, polycarbonate canopies and wood canopies. Among the several types of canopies, the wooden canopy is the most favorite because it is always the choice.

Modern Wood Canopy
If in your house there is still a yard or terrace, it should be used as a place to relax with family. So that it is not too hot or raining, it is better to add a modern wooden canopy. In this canopy design, you can add soft chair or other decorative elements. For example decorative lights or ornamental plants. The addition of these elements will make the canopy look more beautiful and charming.

Unique Wooden Canopy
The unique style of canopy will maximize the outdoor yard space to be used as a place to relax. Build this unique wooden canopy is quite easy because it only uses two wooden pillars which are then attached directly to the walls of the house. This canopy model will create a very simple impression but can enhance the appearance of the back area of the house. You can also add some decorations, such as ornamental plants, flower vases and unique decorative lights.

Canopy with Plants
If you choose this canopy model, it will create cool, fresh and green impression. This canopy model is very suitable to applied to the terrace of the house or garden. The wood material used for the canopy will later coated with white paint so that the terrace of the house looks cleaner and more modern. While the trees or plants will be left shady so that it will create a beautiful atmosphere.

Wooden Canopy with Iron Frame
The wood material for the canopy can combined with iron frame to create a modern look. In addition, the combination of the two materials will make it stronger. You can also combine rigid and iron frames with wooden walls on the exterior of the building. The goal is to make the terrace of the house more comfortable. The bulkhead in the canopy can make the atmosphere of the yard brighter and cooler.

Wood Combined with Fabric
You can add fabric to your wooden canopies can to add the aesthetic value of your home. The wood material used will used as a support. Attach a special cloth at the top to create comfortable outdoor area. You can choose the type of canopy with fabric that can be pulled or retractable. The retractable fabric will make it easier for you to adjust how much of the area under the canopy will be protected and exposed to the sun. Even if the weather is hot or drizzling, you will still be able to relax under this canopy.