/Minimalist, Comfortable and Instagram able Boho Bedroom Decoration

Minimalist, Comfortable and Instagram able Boho Bedroom Decoration

Minimalist and bohemian decorating styles may not seem to have same style, even very opposite. Because, these two decorating styles have different philosophies. Minimalist style has a philosophy of less is better. As for the boho decoration style, the more is the better philosophy. However, the two styles of home decoration have similarities in terms of aesthetics, such as the natural materials. When these two decorating styles are combined, it will create a unique comfort. Here are some minimalist boho bedroom decorating ideas that create comfort and instagrammable at the same time.

Maximize Natural Lighting
The special character to a minimalist boho bedroom is to keep things bright and airy. You can apply it with clean white walls, light curtains, and tall mirrors that help the natural light enters through the windows. Furthermore, the boho style touch completed with the lacy rattan lampshade.

You can stack several pillows on the bed, and combine patterns and textures in a white color palette. At the end of the bed, a bright blue duvet and a soft flannel blanket are layered for comfortable texture and contrast.

Choose Natural Material
Apply natural material for organic beauty that down-to-earth. Neutral colors of rattan and wicker baskets blend perfectly against a white background, and accompanied by wooden slatted headboards and woven rugs. Cacti and dried plants complete the look of the serene atmosphere.

Accent Wall
Minimalist design isn’t always white or neutral, especially when it paired with boho designs. You can display a pleasant green accent on one of the bedroom walls. This soothing color might make the perfect complement to a natural wood-toned material. You can even bring some plants for lush yet serene feel.

Use Macrame
Macrame provides texture and warmth. And, this art accessory crosses the line between relaxed bohemian style and subtle minimalism. You can hang a macrame wall hanging over the bed and a plant hanger tied with macrame in the corner to create simple and airy room.

Play with Patterns
Combine many colors cannot applied in a minimalist boho bedroom. However, you have control over decorate your bedroom. Patterns will add the same visual interest, although in a much more subtle way. For example, you can placed lamps and decorations in simple geometric patterns on a nightstand with wooden lines. Next to it, a classic slatted headboard completes the pattern play.

Soft Texture
The bedroom should be comfortable. With a minimalist boho design, you’ll want to elevate the comfort even further with indulgent textures. You can use a plush white rug and soft pillows to add a soft texture to the bedroom.

Decorative Plants
You can brighten up a minimalist boho bedroom with lots of greenery, while keeping the furniture simple and the walls open.