/Minimalist Flower Shelf Models that Suitable For Indoor

Minimalist Flower Shelf Models that Suitable For Indoor

The presence of plants in the house gives a “lively” and fresh impression to the room. In addition, placing plants indoors and outdoors makes the air cleaner because plants carry out photosynthesis by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. If you are a plant lover and want to make your plant collection look tidier and more attractive, you can use a minimalist flower shelf model. Apart from functioning as a place to arrange plant pots, a shelf with a unique and minimalist design can also add beauty to the room.

Here is some inspirations for minimalist flower rack model that can be used as a reference:

Wooden hanging flower rack model
Hanging flower rack is suitable for rustic, minimalist, and modern home designs. The elements of wooden planks that attached to the wall and accented with ropes, make the hanging racks look floating and more aesthetic. This type of shelf is suitable for placing mini flower plants such as cacti or small water plants.

Korean style flower rack model
If you are a fan of Korean dramas or adopt Korean-style bedroom and home designs, you must be familiar with this type of flower shelf. Minimalist shape like a small chair and made of wood. This flower shelf can used as a shelf for large plants. Its minimalist style will make the room warmer and more natural. Placed a flower shelf near the window of the room for more natural impression like being in a tropical forest.

Stacking flower rack model
This flower shelf model is suitable for those of you who have tens, even hundreds, of small to medium sized plants. Make a large stacking shelf and placed it on the side of the living room wall and close to the window. In this way, the flower shelf is not only used as a storage area for plants, but also a neat living room decoration.

Stacking rack in white
The white stacked flower rack model can be an option for you who like modern and minimalist designs. The contrasting color between flowers and leaves on plants will accentuate the flowers so that they give the room a clean and tidy impression.

Pallet wood flower rack
Do you have used wood? If so, do not rush to throw them away. This used wood can be used as an eco-friendly pallet wood flower shelf and is suitable for placing outdoors.