/Minimalist Garden Ideas at Home

Minimalist Garden Ideas at Home

Who does not want to have a beautiful garden in the yard? Just imagine in the afternoon sitting relaxed with a cup of coffee, accompanied by green views and romantic songs. An incomparable perfect relaxation!

Don’t be confused if you have a narrow area, minimalist garden can be the right solution for you. Designed a park in a narrow area is challenging, but this can also be an advantage over ordinary large parks. Because the space is small, the efforts and maintenance costs are also minimal. In addition, you can also concentrate fully on the theme details and accents that you provide for your small garden.

Still dizzy to make a mini garden? Try applying the following ideas.

Take advantage of the Remaining Side Space of the House
Living in a minimalist home space that stands on a narrow area, must be smart to take advantage of the remaining space. Try to look at the small yard next to the kitchen or next to your bedroom. Well, the rest of this space can really turn into a pretty little park.

Create a Minimalist Garden on the Balcony
Still about the use of space, you can also make a garden on the balcony of the second or third floor of your house. Indeed, one of the characteristics of a minimalist home is the architecture does not widen, but pile up. So instead of left the balcony, it’s better to make it a mini garden.

small garden at home

Because it’s on the top floor, there’s no way you can suddenly plant plants on the floor. Therefore, potted plants are the most appropriate choice of plants. You can put the pots of these plants around the balcony and also hang them on the ceiling.

Align with Minimalist Cement Pot
Planting plants directly on the soil of the yard can sometimes cause the impression of a mess and narrow space. Therefore, try to place the plants in a row, in a minimalist cement pot to adjust the available space so as to make the garden look more compact.

Roof Gardening
Still remember the characteristics of a minimalist home? Yes, the roof is not triangular but flat. Well, you can enable this flat roof for roof gardening aka garden on the roof. Enjoy your morning and evening by relaxing on the open roof accompanied by fresh green plants.