/Minimalist Interior Renovation of Japan Style House

Minimalist Interior Renovation of Japan Style House

Do you want to renovate your minimalist home into a unique but fun house? There is one idea that several people have used for renovating their homes. Japanese-style minimalist houses have become the choice of several people lately. By giving this beautiful idea, the house feels more beautiful and comfortable.

From the outside, the Japanese-style house looks ordinary. Similar to the surrounding houses that are not too flashy. The front is an outdoor area of the house for the entrance to the house, it is elongated and there is a small garden in front and side of the house. Although at the front part, there is only a narrow path, you only begin to enter the unique and enchanting area of the house.

Step enter the front door, like a Japanese house in general, there is a ‘genkan’ or mudroom area, where shoes can be removed and neatly arranged on the shelves. Not only that, there is also a storage cupboard for various purposes when going out such as a raincoat or jacket making it easier for you to go in and out of the house. In this section, the residential floor is still in brick form that matches with the outside, as well as a divider part for the inside of the house.

In the corridor, around the room paint in white. The narrow room feels spacious and bright, coupled with light from the window in the staircase area. Apart from the color, the stairs are changed to be safer and more comfortable with a cover on each step. Certainly if you have young children, the design of the stairs will be very influential in the house.

The bathroom as well as the sink area is on the first floor, made bright and comfortable. Children will certainly not be afraid of the bright and spacious atmosphere of the house. Of course the ground floor will in significant changes such as the addition of partitions and space functions chanage so that the needs of residents are fulfilled. A minimalist design will certainly make it easier to choose materials and also the appearance still suit with the initial structure of the building so that the essence of earthquake-resistant house does not disappear due to a strong construction.

You also need to renovate the 2nd floor area. Between the room and the stairs are lined with wooden shelves filled with various kinds of reading books collections, toy boxes, as well as storage of various equipment and necessities. One of the advantages of making the floor open is that, maximum light can enter which is then reflected in all directions so that every corner and side feels bright and airy.