/Minimalist Main Door Model Inspiration for You

Minimalist Main Door Model Inspiration for You

The door of the house, especially the main door, is the part of the facade that draws the most attention. For you who are looking for inspiration for a minimalist home door that chic and can represent your personal taste, here are some options:

Wood Panels as Contemporary Minimalist Home Doors
This door is suitable for you who like rural life, because it is like to barn door. Not barnstyle, just similar. Made of wood with a vertical arrangement, four panels. When closed, it blends with the wall, becoming accent for the concrete walls of the house. As a windbreaker, there is a layer of sliding glass doors behind it.

Minimalist Glass Doors and Windows for Your Rest Home
In the future, pivot doors may be increasingly used. The shape is simple with pivots or turning points on the two upper and lower sides. This simple design is suitable for both the entrance and the window for a cabin.

Folding Glass Doors for Minimalist House
If you previously found a pivot glass door, this time there is a minimalist folding type glass main door. The facade overlooks the outside. From the inside, the door also seems to function as an attractive picture window.

It’s a different story, with folding door design, making the house feel more spacious with large opening. The impression of spaciousness is created by the loss of the partition that exists between the indoor and outdoor spaces through the folding door. You will become more flexible to move in it.

Glass Sliding Door for the Main Door of Your Home
For you who are very confident, you can use a glass door as front door. For a limited space, you can choose efficient sliding model and doesn’t take up space. The impression is light and not far from the outdoors. Add light curtains for privacy.

Minimalist Main Door for Industrial House
Wood is a versatile material. This material is flexible to be paired with any style, even for industrial designs. Wood gives a warm and welcoming feel. In addition, naked wood finish is also an organic accent that stands out among the concrete and metal materials of the house. The presence of a wooden door and surrounded by industrial house designs will create a warm contrasting impression. This contrasting impression created becomes a point of view for those who see it. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Black Minimalist Main Door for Contemporary Look
It’s called taste. You can color any main door. Previously you got the idea of ​​an industrial door that was just polished. Stay beautiful. This time you get a wooden main door with black paint. This black door color with faint white highlights does not feel boring, in fact there is a unique and handsome contemporary impression. Make no mistake, choosing a black door will not give horror impression in your home. On the contrary, a black door will give a minimalist and modern impression. Want to try?

Rustic Minimalist Doors for Your Small Home
Conventional doors can also look sweet and chic by playing with lines and finishing. Classic door handles, peep holes and minimalist vertical lines make the door look eclectic. The clear-themed finish that highlights the color and wood grain makes the appearance also feel rustic.

Again, because the main door is the part of the house that most often seen, you need to be careful to choose. Try to always get a main door that matches the overall style of your home. To be visually beautiful and exude your personal taste.