/Minimalist Teak Furniture Finishing Colors

Minimalist Teak Furniture Finishing Colors

In the furniture production process, the choice of furniture finishing color is very important. Changing the color after the furniture has top coated is not easy, it needs a total refinishing if the color revision drops to a lighter one. The choice of color is a taste, depending on the situation of the interior as well as your personality. The right furniture color will create the character of the furniture to be stronger and dominant in the interior or exterior of the house. The choice of colors that match the interior of the room should be a major consideration. Do not let the furniture will bring a bad impression to the interior of the house. Furniture must be able to change the interior to be classy and beautiful that reflects you as the owner of the house.

Finishing color that can be applied to minimalist teak furniture is those the natural colors, which still highlight the beautiful teak wood grain. It’s a shame if you have to cover the teak wood fiber with a dark finishing color. Teak wood grain is very beautiful and better if it looks natural. Use a light finishing color to keep the grain out. The addition of color is only in the uneven part of the wood grain because it is natural. Natural finishing colors will make the furniture look natural even though there is staining on some parts of the wood. The elegant impression with teak wood fibers and veins is very clearly visible.

For the final coat or top coat, it is recommended that you use matte finish or not shiny, the modern impression will more dominant if you use the matte finish. But it all comes back to your taste. Finishing materials suggested by many teak furniture craftsmen are nitrocellulose and wax. This material is more suitable for teak furniture and does not damage the wood itself.

Fancy colors such as pink, light green and bright colors are also in great demand, such a cheerful and modern impression is very popular with young couples, or for special furniture for children. For this fancy color, it’s better if you use mahogany wood and duco finishing materials.

There are also several rustic colors or imitations of teak wood that hundreds of years old, which some Jepara craftsmen call it as “cafe style”. It because many cafes order this model finishing.

It’s also good to add “contrast” impression to your home room, so you don’t get bored. For this type of finishing the craftsmen have to do some additional steps in the sanding process. The finishing materials used are usually water-based, a natural impression can be obtained by fitting this finishing material.