/Mix Materials Into Any Space In Your Home

Mix Materials Into Any Space In Your Home

When decorating a house, you will only focus on choosing the right color. While that is a good starting point, but there is more to interior design than choosing the right paint color. An easy way to add multiple characters is by mixing the materials.

Why Are Mixing Materials Important?
Many home designers like to pair contrasting materials and textures. Perhaps they have upholstered a sleek metal frame sofa in thick wool, or they have chosen a mixed metal finish for kitchen fixtures. While, there is nothing wrong with matching, mixing the material is a great way to add character to your home. Whether your style is minimalist or traditional, learning to mix materials is key to creating an attractive home.

Always think of your room in layers, doing this will break it down into adjustable chunks and create depth in the overall look. Start with the largest piece of furniture in your room, using this piece of furniture as a starting point for the entire room. Ideally this is a neutral color so you can replace pillows and other textiles when you get bored.

Working with contrasting textures and materials can have a big impact on your small living room. Add warmth to your wooden or stone floor with a rug. Complement your sofa with a mixture of fine silk and pillows. Pair heavy curtains with cheesecloth. Soften the angled chair by adding a comfortable cushion. Pair metal furniture with wooden furniture.