/Modern Coastal Style House Design Ideas, Feels at the Beach

Modern Coastal Style House Design Ideas, Feels at the Beach

Modern design and coastal or beach design may seem like a strange pair when combined. These two designs have contradictory differences so that it is quite difficult to combine when designing a room. Modern design is known for its sharp lines, bold shapes, and minimalism. Meanwhile, as the name implies, coastal designs are synonymous with bright colors, beach motifs, and kitsch or majestic decorations. However, in fact, these two designs can be combined and give a special look despite finding quite a lot of challenges. The modern coastal design gives home full of aesthetics like on the beach or a beach house. So, how to apply this design at home? Here is modern coastal style house design ideas that you can try.

Simplify Color Palette
To create a modern coastal house and a beach-like atmosphere, the first step is to start with the color palette. While coastal classics are often filled with deep blues and bright orange, modern interiors demand more minimalist approach. That is, leaving the color completely and keeping the base color soft and subtle, thus making the room look minimalist.

Bring Natural Texture
The coastal interior is full of textures, making the room also full of texture. Classic accents, such as seagrass rugs, driftwood pieces and mirror shells, come straight from the ocean. In addition, wicker pieces refer to some of the plants found along the coast. By bringing these elements into your home, you can make your home and room feel as comfortable as if you were on a coastal beach.

Support Abstract Art
When decorating a coastal interior, you may be tempted to display photos of beaches and art that look realistic. However, keep in mind, this is not the only option. For example, the sea does not have to be depicted with crashing waves and marine life. Instead, opt for abstract pieces that refer to the ocean without replicating them exactly.

Add Warmth With Weaving Accents
A coastal or beach house feels incomplete without some wickerwork, let say modern coastal house or more classic one. Of course, opt for some more flexible woven accents like a burlap rug for contemporary feel. You can also use traditional rattan chair. This chair can look modern when paired with an elegant marble table and some soft industrial lighting.

Enter Some Dark Color
Dark colors and metallic accents may seem out of place in a coastal home, but they can add welcome and much needed touch of contrast. You can incorporate some dark colors through furniture such as a striking black console table.