/Natural Materials That Can Make Your Home More Shiny

Natural Materials That Can Make Your Home More Shiny

If you’ve been using chemicals to clean your house, it’s better to leave some of them out. Chemicals are indeed powerful for cleaning the house instantly. Even stubborn stains can be removed by chemicals. Unfortunately, the continuous use of chemicals can also damage furniture and furniture.

Not to mention, if you have children who still like to play carelessly, it is very dangerous! It’s better for you to switch to natural cleansers, such as the following 5 ingredients. The house will stay shiny in a safe way!

Restore the shine of wooden furniture with olive oil
Dull wooden furniture will indeed look boring. To clean and restore its shine, all you need is two microfiber cloths and olive oil. Clean the surface of the furniture using a microfiber cloth first. After that, pour a few drops of olive oil onto a clean microfiber cloth. Scrub the surface of the furniture using the cloth earlier and your wooden furniture will be pleasing to see.

Clean the stove surface with salt
Not only as a food seasoning, you can also use salt to clean the surface of the stove. Leftovers and kitchen spices that spill on the surface of the stove if left unattended can become sticky, rusty, and hell for your kitchen. To clean it, you can sprinkle moistened salt on the surface of the stove. After a while, rub it with a rough sponge and the dirt will be lifted. It is better to use coarse grains of salt for optimal results.

Clean water stains on the surface of wooden furniture using baking soda
You must be familiar with this one stain, right? Water marks from coasters if left alone can leave marks and difficult to remove. The solution, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of water. Then rub the baking soda paste in a circular motion on the surface of the wooden furniture. After cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth.

Make the glass shine again with vinegar
Frosted glass due to dirty can interfere the view. Clean with a balanced mixture of vinegar and water. Spray this mixture and scrub with a clean cloth. This solution is cheaper than you have to buy glass cleaner.

Clean the stains on the carpet with sparkling water
Fresh soda water is not only good for making happy soda, you can also use it to clean stains on the carpet. Instead of using chemicals that can damage the texture of the carpet, this method is safer and does not cause a strong odor at all. The trick, pour a little soda water on the stubborn stains on the carpet. Scrub using a towel, repeating this process continuously until the stain fades and disappears.