/Natural Ways to Get Rid of Termites Invading Antique Furniture

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Termites Invading Antique Furniture

One of the problems you may faced when you own or collect antique furniture in your home is termite infestation. Old antique furniture is an easy target for termites. This one pest usually feeds on and lives in old wood, which has little or no moisture in it. Like termites that attack other materials, termites can live on wooden furniture for a long time, wreaking havoc on you.

When you notice that your antique furniture contains termites, you must act immediately to get rid of them. But, considering that what termites attack is antique furniture, then you can’t use harsh and dangerous chemicals that can damage the wood of antique furniture. Therefore, get rid of termites that attack antique furniture in more friendly and harmless way.

Drying in the sun
When there is a termite attack on your antique furniture, you should take it outside and dry it in the sun. Leaving antique furniture out in the sun for a maximum of 4 hours will help get rid of the termite problem.

Use natural termite repellent
There are natural remedies that will help you get rid of termites on your antique furniture at home. Neem leaves for example, which is one of the best natural remedies that are good for killing termites.

Try sprinkling salt
Salt is also another remedy that you can use to kill termites on your antique furniture.

Sprinkle red chili powder
One way to get rid of termites on your antique furniture is to sprinkle some red chili powder on the termite nests. By this way, it will torture the termites and thus kill them.

Sprinkle bitter melon juice
Termites do not like any bitter smell. Therefore, you can sprinkle some bitter gourd juice near termite nests. Bitter gourd juice can also stop termite infestations on most antique furniture.