/Neat House with Proper Storage

Neat House with Proper Storage

Who doesn’t want to live in a clean and tidy house. Everyone will want it. When your house is tidy, you will feel comfortable. In addition, a neat house is also pleasing to the eye, so it makes you feel at home for long. To organize your house to make it tidier, you can start by placing storage places at several points based on their function. There are several types of storage for your home, such as wardrobe, rack, shoe rack, and coat tree. What are the uses of this various storage?

Every house, apartment, hotel, and other lodgings must have a wardrobe. This type of storage is often used to store the suits, shirts, pants, and other clothes you have. Apart from the wardrobe, there are several other storage areas that you can use to store clothes such as drawers. The drawer itself has the same function as the wardrobe, which is to store clothes. But for the drawer, the clothes in question are underwear, socks, and others that have a smaller size. The wardrobe has a size large enough so that you can put your collection of t-shirts, shirts and jackets by hanging or folding it. Wardrobe is very suitable to be placed in your bedroom or in the dressing room if you have one.

Rack is a multifunctional storage place to put your favorite items. Rack can be used to put home decorations such as favorite figurines, photos, flower vases and your favorite books. This type of storage has several advantages: the storage capacity is quite large. Rack can also be placed in all places such as the living room, bedroom, study area and family room. Even though it has a large capacity, the rack has a small size but rises to the top so it doesn’t make your room look cramped. It is very suitable to placed in a small space to make it more useful.

Shoe rack
As the name suggests, shoe rack serves to tidy up the shoes you have. For those of you who like to collecting shoes, shoe rack is storage that you have to prepare at home. Because you need to tidy up your shoe collection so it doesn’t get messy. You can put a shoe rack in the locker room or in front of the terrace so that it doesn’t contaminate your room after outdoor activities. Just like rack, shoe rack also has a small size but rises upwards so you can put it in a space that is not too big. Besides at home, shoe racks can also be used to tidy up footwear in offices, mosques or other public areas.

Coat tree
The coat tree is shaped like a stand, so it doesn’t take a lot of space to put it in. Despite its small and simple shape, the coat tree’s function is enormous. This type of storage has a great function to tidy up the jacket you have. In addition to suits, you can also tidy up your jackets, hats, and sling bags on the coat tree by hanging them. For those of you who like to collect sling bags, coat tree is the right storage for you. Using storage by hanging will make it easier for you to organize and choose which bag you want to use. You can put this storage in the dressing room or bedroom making it easier for you to put and hang it.

In addition to clothing and bag collections, coat trees can also be used as raincoat hangers in restaurants, offices or public areas so that water does not stagnate on the floor. Maximizing space by using the right storage is the beginning you should start from now. With the right storage in the right place, it will make your home look tidier and cleaner. You can apply various concepts to existing homes and rooms, but if the room is not neat, it will definitely make the people inside feel uncomfortable.

Let’s create a neat and clean room so that the room becomes more beautiful.