/Not Only Sofa, Even Rattan Is Ready!

Not Only Sofa, Even Rattan Is Ready!

There are many types of materials that can be processed into furniture and home furnishings. Some are processed by factories such as plastics and aluminum, and some are pure natural materials such as solid wood, bamboo and rattan.

Regarding rattan, recently this material has started to become a trend again because it is increasingly found in a number of furniture stores. Previously, rattan furniture was booming in the 70s. At that time, rattan was widely used to decorate outdoor furniture because it was durable and was not affected by weather changes.

The unique woven texture also makes rattan flexible, so it is often used in various types of interior decoration, like rustic, shabby-chic, tropical, to beach themes. Rattan processing techniques as indoor furniture are now also increasingly diverse. Not only used as a chair, but can also used as a clothes basket, table, and even a cupboard.

Want to give a warm touch to your home decor? You don’t always have to use the sofa. Check out some of the inspiration for furniture applications with the following rattan material.

Rattan Chairs: Combine with fabric and foam as a seat, natural wood, and white walls. The rattan chairs give the room a rustic and shabby-chic feel.

Outdoor Furniture: One of the things that makes rattan a must-have is that it fits inside or outside the house.

Bathroom Decoration: For dry bathroom or in a powder room, a rattan basket looks beautiful in a corner of the room.

Bed Frame: Rattan brings an elegant dark element to a bedroom that has lots of windows and lighting.

Rattan Container: With a flat and sturdy surface, the rattan container can also functioned as a storage as well as a nightstand.

Dining Chairs: Worried about large rattan furniture filling your dining table? Just place a wicker chair next to the table and add a folding chair to fill in the other side.

Coffee Table: For those of you who like to enjoy coffee, the classic and cool look of rattan furniture can give a different sensation as a place to put a cup.

Terrace Decoration: Relaxing afternoons while sipping sweet tea will be complete with the presence of rattan furniture on the terrace.

Rattan Baskets: Not only they are cute, they are also perfect for storing your favorite things.

Wall Decoration: You can collect various small knick-knacks from rattan and hang neatly on the wall for an instagramable decoration.