/Office Furniture Used by Indonesian Companies

Office Furniture Used by Indonesian Companies

Office furniture is a facility that supports the administrative activities of an office, for example, tables, chairs, cabinets and others. Office furniture is not disposable, can be used repeatedly for a long period of time, and is made of wood, iron or other durable materials.

Furniture with the right size and material will increase the work productivity of office workers. In design, it is called ergonomic function. A comfortable chair, for example, will make the person feel at home in doing his job. In addition, ergonomic furniture will prevent repetitive stress injuries.

Some office furniture that considered ergonomic is furniture with the following characteristics:

The surface area of the table that must be adjusted to the position of the person using it. However, it is important to note that the surface of the table should not be too wide so that all corners can reached by hand. For the height of desks in offices in Indonesia, an average of 0.75m, which can form the distance of the eyes of people who writing or reading, and the table surface of about 32cm.

For work chairs, the size and height and the model must be adjusted according to the person who will use the chair. In Indonesia, the average seat height measures 0,46m.

Shelving Cabinets
Shelf cupboard is a cupboard for storing folders and bundles of reports or other documents that have been arranged in an oordner. Also, for this shelf cabinet the volume size is between o, 5 m3 to 1 m3.

Filing Cabinet
In general, this piece of furniture has 4 small squares from the bottom up. Its purpose is to store file folders and cards that about 25x35cm in size.

Apart from furniture above, there are also office facilities such as telephones, dictaphones, megaphones, radios, TVs, tape recorders, whiteboards, globes, maps, etc. This requires certain guidelines regarding the placement of these facilities and their use.