/Ornamental Plants That Suitable To Decorate The Bathroom

Ornamental Plants That Suitable To Decorate The Bathroom

Apart from indoors, such as family room to the bedroom, ornamental plants are also suitable to placed in the bathroom. Ornamental plants make the bathroom look more beautiful and the air quality also better. Not only that, the bathroom is also a great environment for houseplants. Bathrooms usually have warmer and humid temperatures, so a number of houseplants can grow well. In addition, watering also become easier. However, keep caution to placed ornamental plants in the bathroom. Because, not all types of ornamental plants can live in humid room temperatures such as in the bathroom.

Asparagus Fern
The asparagus fern plant has thin and smooth leaves like lace. Asparagus ferns do well in both sunny and dim areas. This plant should also placed near the window. Although the leaves look smooth, there are spines on the stems of the asparagus fern, so be careful.

There are many varieties of begonias that do well in pots. This ornamental plant can grow well on shelves in a warm and humid bathroom. Begonias prefer humid conditions, but don’t stagnate the soil or growing media, which can cause the roots get rot. In order to flower properly, begonias need a bright area in the bathroom, with direct sunlight in the morning.

Cast Iron Plant
This ornamental plant, which has the scientific name Aspidistra elatior, called a cast iron plant because it is very tough. Therefore, this plant is very easy to care for. This tropical ornamental plant can grow to 60-90 cm height. Cast iron plants can live in dim sunlight. However, for variegata cast iron plant varieties require brighter sunlight. This plant also does not need high humidity.

Aglonema (Chinese evergreen)
This popular ornamental plant is also known as the Chinese evergreen. There are about 20 species of aglonema todays. This broadleaf plant with a red, white, and yellow tinge is very easy to care for and doesn’t need frequent watering or fertilizer. Aglonema can also grow in dry air.

Croton plants are commonly used as ornamental plants at home. This plant comes with a variety of leaf tones, such as red and yellow. Croton grows slowly, but can reach up to 1.8 meters high and 90 cm wide. So, make sure you provide enough space to placed the croton. Croton requires bright but indirect sunlight and high humidity. This plant also does not do well in wet soil conditions.