/Pallet Finishing Types

Pallet Finishing Types

Furniture will not look attractive without finishing, especially furniture made of wood pallets. There is a very hard effort for you to smooth the surface first. The surface of pallet wood is always rough and not smooth so the tip before finishing is to use a sandpaper machine if you want to speed up grinding and use rough sandpaper number 180.

Apart from sanding that must be considered, the choice of finishing type will also be very decisive. Here are some types of finishing that you can use for finishing furniture from wooden pallets.

Natural Finishing
Indeed, nothing can match natural furniture because you will get wood grain and the original color of wood. In fact, you will get a very different look in a style that may not have been as inconceivable as the Mediterranean style.

For this natural finishing, you can use the Biovarnish series. You can use teak Biovarnish wood filler to cover the pores of the pallet wood. After that, use the Biovarnish liquid stain in the color of your choice. There are 20 natural color choices that you can use and choose. After that, apply Biovarnish Sanding Sealer. If you want it to look more natural on the last coat you can use Biovarnish Clear Coat death matte.

Rustic finishing
There are many people who like rustic finishing because rustic finishing will give an old impression and you can use it in many styles. The key to a rustic finish on a palette is how you create the wood texture.

Use a cloud brush and work in the direction of the wood grain and you will get the texture. Next, apply Biovarnish wood stain based on your color with a brush. Then you can apply Glaze black and brush it evenly. When it is half dry you can use a damp cloth to remove the remaining paint and leave the paint in the wood grain texture. The final coat is to use Biovarnish Cleat Coat Matte then wait overnight for the paint to dry completely.

Finishing Recycle
Do you want to get a different feel like reused wood? You can use it with ironwood paint in two or three colors. Previously you could base the color with Biovarnish wood stain. Wait for the wood stain to dry then apply pure iron wood paint using a plastic pallet knife vertically as if you were applying putty.

Make sure the paint surface is uneven and wait for it to dry. Once dry, you can apply the second color Orchid ironwood paint again in the same way. Then the result you will get a wooden surface with a recycled color.

If you want the wood to be more preserved and durable you can coat it with Biovarnish Clear Coat matte wood paint, and wait for it to dry completely for about one night.