/Plastic or Aluminum Dish Rack, Which is Better?

Plastic or Aluminum Dish Rack, Which is Better?

Several manufacturers of household appliances, offer variety of materials, including plastic and aluminum. One of them is the use of dish rack material in the kitchen. Actually, what is a good dish rack material? Is it made of plastic or aluminum?

Plastic Dish Rack
Plastic dish racks come in many colors and shapes, due to their low melting point and high flexibility, making them easier to shape than other materials. In addition, the process of working on this plastic plate rack is faster than other materials. Plastic is lighter than aluminum, which makes plastic dish racks easy to move around. However, because it has light weight, it makes more vulnerable when loaded by heavy objects. Another plus is price, plastic dish racks will usually be more affordable than aluminum dish racks. In addition, this plastic dish rack is resistant to rust.

Aluminum Dish Rack
The advantages of aluminum dish racks are heat resistance, because aluminum has low melting point compared to plastic materials. In addition, aluminum tends to be stronger and more durable than plastic. But of course the price offered is higher than plastic shelves. Aluminum does have stronger durability, but if it is continuously exposed to water it will make the paint layer peel off. Another drawback is because it is heavier than plastic, aluminum dish racks are more difficult to move.

How to clean shelves
In order for the dish rack to last a long time, you should clean it regularly. To clean it, disassemble the shelf. The most important part is the tray underneath, because this part is a container for water that drips after washing dishes. Then wash each section, using the cleaning liquid and making sure to scrub all the sections.

After that, rinse the rack with clean water and then dry with a dry cloth. For extra cleaning, you can use a liquid mixture of 1 cup white vinegar and water to remove stains from the dish rack. What must be considered is after cleaning, wipe using a clean cloth, avoid using a cloth that has been used many times. Don’t let the water dry on its own, as this will cause mold.