/Rattan Furniture Is Cute and Eco-Friendly

Rattan Furniture Is Cute and Eco-Friendly

People have started to abandon rattan furniture for a long time, mostly because the designs tend to be the same and usually easily weathered. The plastic furniture finally goes to high rank, people have switched because the price is cheaper. In fact, plastic is also fragile.

If you interested in rattan furniture, take a look at the inspiration below. Who knows, you can take it to a craftsman to make custom furniture.

Unique side table
Want to have a unique side table that different from usual? Try rattan table. It’s lighter and easy to maintan, so you can move around at any time.

Light couch mattress, don’t forget to support it with iron frame
Want to make it a unique couch mattress? It’s okay, but don’t forget to support the bottom with an iron frame so that it can hold your body’s weight.

Hanging rack for clothes
Apart from wood and iron, you can also make hanging racks for clothes from rattan. It looks ethnic, but is suitable for a minimalist concept room because its beautiful natural colors.

Laundry basket or Multifunction storage
Rattan is also okay for laundry basket or a multifunction storage area. Make a round one so it’s different.

Mirror frame
You can even use rattan woven as a mirror frame. Of course, the mirror is small, because the rattan material is very light.

You can make a cupboard or drawer
Usually you find rattan woven for old chairs, but now the craftsmen modify it into a drawer or cupboard body. Of course, the main frame still has to be of strong wood to support the load. Rattan is only used in the display parts as a cover.

Modern minimalist lampshade
The lampshade made of rattan looks pretty and gorgeous. Rattan can exude a vibrant effect in a room, especially if you combine it with a yellowish light bulb. The room feels warmer and more serene.