/Ready to Welcome Eid, Put Beautiful Furniture And Decoration

Ready to Welcome Eid, Put Beautiful Furniture And Decoration

It doesn’t feel like Eid is almost in sight. All Muslims are very enthusiastic to enliven this moment through various preparations, like decorating several spots at home to bring a new and more comfortable feel.

Dining Table Accessories
The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house, especially during the Eid moment, where all family members and relatives gather to enjoy Eid dishes. No wonder the dining room is one of the spots in the house that deserves a special design touch. You can decorate the dining table with crystal candle holders, and mix match tableware of similar colors to add a warm and intimate impression. In addition, you can choose a neutral colored dining table mat to highlight simplicity and create positive atmosphere when chatting with family.

Living Room Decoration
In addition to the dining room, one of the other spots that should not be missed is the living room or family room. Therefore, the design of the living room should get special attention, so that both family member and guests always feel comfortable to keep in touch. One of the things that need to be considered is to ensure the ratio of the distance between the furniture so that the room does not feel cramped. You can choose a soft sofa as the vocal point of the room and add a neutral colored carpet, as well as add a typical middle eastern decor accent on the living room table, such as a tissue holder, a beautiful jar, or even a middle eastern chandelier.

During the Ramadan month, cooking activities will certainly be more intense because there are many preparations for breaking the fast and at dawn. For that, ahead of Eid, it is very important to make sure your kitchen is always clean and tidy. You can choose pastel-colored cooking utensils and combine them with white kitchen spice racks to add aesthetics to your kitchen, you can also make various wood-based storage options to support the atmosphere of the kitchen to looks clean.