/Recommendations for Contemporary Household Furniture that Currently on Flash Sale

Recommendations for Contemporary Household Furniture that Currently on Flash Sale

Household furniture is getting cooler and has a unique design, so don’t be surprised if you visit a young couple’s minimalist home, you will be amazed by the items in it. Most modern young couples are fans of a minimalist small house concept, so their furniture is also simple but unique. Well, we will provide recommendations for contemporary home furnishings that currently on flash sale in various marketplaces.

With the furniture that you can buy at online stores, your home will be homy and cool. Modern minimalist home inspiration like on Instagram or TikTok can be your reference. And some of these items must be in the home of today’s millennials.

Stacking Rack
You must have seen the cool white stacking shelves in the corners of the homes of modern young couples, right? This is a stacking shelf from IKEA. The price is cheap, around 200 thousand rupiah. Buy this shelf in a promo event, then you can get a lot of free shipping. Placed displays, photos, books or flowers on this shelf, then it will make your home look even more beautiful!

Wall Clock Paste
It’s no longer the time for you to use old-fashioned round clocks on the wall. Todays, many people use wall-mounted clocks, that rows of number points and the clockwise are affixed directly to the wall, so it looks spacious. You should install it carefully so that the clock circle get right and accurate position.

Sofa and bed, that’s what you will get from this one furniture. Sofabed is basically a sofa that can adjusted into a regular sofa, a half-slanted sofa to relax, and a bed to sleep. Choose a minimalist one to make it look cute in your living room. And you can order this item online!

Wall Decoration
The wall decorations of old houses and modern houses are far different. In the past, people used to display family photos, landscape paintings, or calligraphy, but now, people prefer to display abstract pictures, writings, and various other monochrome and minimalist models of wall hangings.

A shelf can be a wall decoration, but it can also used functionally. It means that it is actually used according to its function of storing things and saving space. If placed in the living room, wall shelves serve as decoration, where children put any things and photos to decorate the room. Just choose the model based on your feels.