/Room Decoration at Home with Rattan Furniture

Room Decoration at Home with Rattan Furniture

For a long time, rattan has been used as a raw material for furniture at home. The popularity of rattan is not only in Indonesia, but also to various countries around the world. In fact, most of rattan furniture in the United States is imported from Indonesia. The popularity of rattan furniture nowadays is growing along with the popularity of boho style designs and decorations, aka bohemian. Rattan furniture is also suitable to be combined with modern home designs.

Put rattan into a modern home is an easy way to convey a warm, boho feel that makes a room feel relaxed and comfortable. The unique shapes and patterns found in rattan furniture give the room a maximum look without breaking the pockets.

Rattan has also been made into various kinds of household furniture for almost every room. Here are ideas for using rattan furniture to complement your home decor.

Rattan Table: a trendy rattan frames or traditional rattan weaving? You can have both. A rattan table placed next to the sofa can complement the natural texture and chic style of the room.

Room dividers, aka partitions, are increasingly popular because many people start working from home. The rattan partition can work great if you don’t try to hide cluttered backgrounds during the Zoom call. When not in use, partitions add decor to a boring wall or corner.

A rattan coffee table covered with glass at the top can be a beautiful table for the living room or family room. This coffee table is suitable for creating a comfortable and cozy feel of the room. This table can enhance a boho look in a room already filled with textures and patterns, or use its clean profile to complement a beach style.

Rattan mirror
Add a natural element to your home decor with a rattan mirror. Rattan mirrors are suitable to be placed in the living room or family room.