/Rosewood Flooring

Rosewood Flooring

Not all types of wood can be processed into wooden floors. But rosewood flooring is good. Rosewood known for its beautiful black color. Many people choose rosewood for their house floor because this wood has good color and fiber pattern. Not only that, the hardness of this wood is good for long time use.

The black color of rosewood is very beautiful and looks elegant. Because of its hard color and texture, rosewood sold at fairly expensive price. Its black color, hard texture and fibers of its combination of straight and wavy wood veins make this wood suitable for use as raw material for wood flooring.

Rosewood flooring has a long service life. This is because rosewood has anti-fungal and termite characteristics. As one of anti-fungal and termite wood, it does not make the structure of rosewood easily brittle and is certainly very durable. That’s why rosewood being the main choice for house flooring raw materials.

Rosewood flooring has beautiful grain. The grain is very natural and quite attractive, so that your home looks beautiful. Rosewood fibers are made naturally along with the growth of the tree. Rosewood has sharp lines that create threads and wood grain patterns that look very clear. Based on this reason, rosewood floors are widely chosen.

Rosewood has dark mauve to light yellowish brown color. As for the fiber has purple-black color, sometimes reddish brown. The combination of contrasting color makes rosewood very beautiful.

Rosewood has high demand wood because it has premium quality. Its quality is inseparable from its excellent structure. The structure of rosewood has good strength, not much different from the teak. Because of its strength, rosewood is very durable and has good resistance to water and pest attacks.