/Several Kind of Short Tables

Several Kind of Short Tables

The short table is a multifunctional table that you can use as a dining table or study table. It’s light, so it’s easy to move anywhere you want. Of course, this furniture is one of the important pieces of furniture for small house that you must have.

You can use this short table as laptop table, for children’s study, or to be coffee table in family room. On average, this table has 70 cm length, 40 cm width, and 30 cm height. Its simple shape makes this table so pretty in a minimalist room. Due to its multifunctional use, almost all houses have this type of short table.

Currently, the short table comes in a variety of attractive models. Some are made of wood and others are made from a combination of wood and aluminum. If you have a lot of time and want to make a unique short table, you can make a unique short table from used goods, such as unused containers or baskets. At least, you need seven wooden crates that all the same size to make this anti-mainstream table. Then, arrange them one by one to formed the table that you want. Don’t forget to point the open part of the chest or basket to the outside so that this flat table can also be a storage rack. Made of wooden pallets, this short table is able to bring a natural and warm impression to your home, especially if you add small ornamental plants on the surface.

The short table also comes in folding model. Folding tables can be used for various purposes, such as; for camping, as an additional table, and so on. The short folding table that many people choose is a folding table made of aluminum which is lightweight and has good durability. By these reasons, the aluminum tables quite popular and widely used. Mostly, the products are also sold at friendly prices. Especially if you are not too concerned with the display, the aluminum folding table deserves to be consider.

While, the wooden folding table has main attraction of its natural look. Unfortunately, apart from this point, the wooden table has no other concern. There are other folding tables made of other materials which more durable, lightweight and economical. Even so, the display of the wood material will change over time. This will make it look more unique. If you like products with distinctive natural look, wooden folding tables are the right choice.

Plastic folding tables are generally sold at affordable prices and have light weight. The designs offered by plastic folding tables are also more varied so you can choose what you want. However, its durability is inferior to other materials so it is less durable for long use. If it is often exposed to direct sunlight, the color will quickly fade and the quality decline.

How? of all the models of the sitting table above, which one do you most want to present at home? Regardless of the design, make sure you still prioritize the best quality material, so that your table can last for years!