/Solid Wood Furniture Design Inspiration, Can Use Leftovers

Solid Wood Furniture Design Inspiration, Can Use Leftovers

Wood is an ideal material for furniture. In addition to its warm and beautiful natural color, wood is malleable and durable. However, many of us still find it difficult to distinguish between solid wood and processed wood. Especially when it is in furniture.

The main difference is of course in terms of price and texture. Solid wood is obviously more expensive and solid because it is formed from real wood chunks. Usually this solid wood is used more for the frame of the house, while most of the furniture is made of processed wood. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have solid wood furniture. Search carefully at a furniture store or order custom from the craftsman. To be cheaper, there are also made from waste wood. Want to know?

A fruit and spice rack that is placed in the kitchen can use solid wood used for furniture or used bookshelves that are made in such a way. Simple, but maximum functionality. The kitchen is even tidier.

Thin pieces of solid wood can be used for magazine rack materials whose partitions can adjusted. Instead of throwing away pieces of used furniture, you can assemble them into a magazine rack with a divider.

Solid wood is widely used by the upper middle class to make pedestal-style tables. If you want a unique design for a table, and only have pieces of log wood at home, you can simply scrub the logs clean and cut them into rectangles. Make sure your wood logs are clean and polish them with varnish to make them look perfectly clean, then place them in your living room.

Do you have a used stool that looks dull? Simple scrub the stool, wipe clean and polish a little with wood coating. This classic bar stool will look so different. Multifunctional and neutral even though rustic. It can be transformed into a bedside table even in a minimalist room.

Not only doors, solid wood can be transformed into a work table. The design is basic, just liven up a little with supporting ornaments. No need to worry about paint and varnish. Let the wood color exposed, you can place a natural wood workbench in any room you like.

Garden benches become more attractive because they are made of solid wood remnants in different conditions. However, it fits perfectly. You can place a simple wooden bench in front of your house or in the garden behind your house.

Do you still have solid wood scraps from the rest of your furniture? Do not remove solid wood pieces from the rest of the building. Sharpen a little and use it as hanging shelf to decorate your garage or living room. Simple but functional. You can make it a place to put items that should not be reached by children or your briefcase, you can also placed on this hanging shelf.