/Some Considerations in Choosing Leather Furniture

Some Considerations in Choosing Leather Furniture

Interested into leather furniture for your home? Don’t just buy it because of its look, but note to some important aspects about leather sofas below. In fact, there are many types of leather for furniture that you should know so you don’t regret to have it.

Leather has much better resistance than fabric
It is undeniable, leather has much better resistance than fabric. Especially for seat sofa and even stepped on many times, it is often considered an ideal material. Leather is usually coated with water and moisture, which makes it easier to clean. Leather is also more elastic than fabric.

Must careful in choosing the right leather type
However, that applies to real animal leather. The quality and durability will be different if you use synthetic leather. There are several types of leather based on its quality. The number one quality is full or topgrain which is then layered by aniline coating.
Then, there are split leather and bonded leather types which made from genuine animal leather, but not intact. Usually taken from the remains of leather pieces that put together with special materials. This genuine leather has natural pores that make it a breathable material, so it is more comfortable to contact with the skin.

Synthetic leather is cheaper and most often found
In addition to genuine leather, you will also find synthetic leather made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU). Both are plastic-like materials that processed to resemble animal leather. It’s waterproof and easy to clean, but it’s porous, so it often feels sticky or uncomfortable to sit on.
Synthetic leather is also easier to crack after used for some times. Not only it interfere the aesthetics, the gaps in these cracks have to expose the sponge inside, which invites mites and bacteria.

Safer to mites, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely anti
The leather tends to be safe from mites. This is because the leather has a smoother texture, making it difficult for mites to invade. As we know the legs of mites usually stick tightly to the fibers of the fabric. Even so, there is no guarantee that your leather sofa is completely safe from the mites. If there are cracks exposing the sponge, they will probably will stay in it and consider it as a new home.

Create an elegant and neutral look in the room
It’s no secret that leather can give the elegance and luxury look in a room. With its earthy and distinctive color, a leather sofa is suitable placed in a room with any concept. Industrial, rustic, classic, mid-century modern, or minimalist are fine. Now there are more various models and types of leather sofas to choose from. You just have to adjust it to your tastes and the concept of the space you want to build.

Genuine leather needs more complicated routine care
Although known to be durable, leather sofas still require regular maintenance. Starting from cleaning the dust to applying re-coating to extend its service life and look. As long as it is cared for properly and regularly, leather sofas can last a long time and if you noticed the material will get softer or buttery over time. Prove it!

The price will be more expensive
Furniture with genuine leather will obviously be more expensive. However, when calculated careful, the sofa can last a dozen to tens of years without blemish. So, it can still considered to save expenses. Compare with synthetic leather or PVC which only lasts 5-10 years. Or fabrics that might be even lower durability.
Genuine animal leather are also a matter of argument for vegans. While ethically making leather sofas goes against the principle of not hurting animals, leather is biodegradable and much more durable.

The considerations above can be used as a reference before buying leather furniture. It’s not just aesthetics, there are many other aspects that can’t be ignored.