/Some Unique Home Door Handles Models

Some Unique Home Door Handles Models

The doorknob model is a small element in design but should not be missed. Although in choosing doorknob, functional and ergonomic aspects are often the main concern, but that does not mean you can not play and be creative with interesting and unique doorknob for the design of your house to look more aesthetic.

many models of doorknob that you can match
with minimalist door
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Moreover, a house with a minimalist style is not the reason of choose a boring doorknob design, because there are so many models of doorknob that you can match with minimalist door to create the overall of the door design you want.

Minimalist Shaped Doorknob
The variation designs of doorknob naturally include the connecting part between the handles and the door. With a simple idea like combining the general shape of the door handle with a circle as a connecting design to creates a modern design of the door handles that minimalist but look anti-mainstream.

Elegant and Modern with Black Door Handles
Color play can be a solution to get a door handle model that stand-out despite having a minimalist design. A touch of black that contrasts with the design of a wooden door, not only raises classy classic alloys, but also has a unique, elegant look. It may be considered to modify the shape of the door handles so that the black handles become more characterized. Very minimal angle and shape processing gives not only neat look, but also modern door design.

Vertical Long Door Handles for a More Robust Impression
The main door of the house will certainly be the first door seen by the guests. To give a more solid and magnificent impression on the main door, you can play in the size of the door handle. With a large handle such as a long bar door handle mounted vertically, the appearance of the main door will look sturdy and majestic despite applying a minimalist design style.

Futuristic Ergonomic Door Handles
Minimalist shape can also remain ergonomic and can be created into a minimalist door handles design that carries this futuristic concept. Not only comfortable, the design of the handle in this model is also suitable for doors with digital locking systems or using cards.