/Some Wood Characters in Indonesia – Made as Furniture Raw Material By Craftsmen

Some Wood Characters in Indonesia – Made as Furniture Raw Material By Craftsmen

Understanding the construction of solid wood furniture is challenging even for furniture specialists. Indonesian furniture companies are very fortunate to be able to work with very varied woods and very beautiful ranging from hardwood to wickers.

One of the fundamental joys of craftsmen is working with these raw materials. Every wood has its own character. Each board is different. Some types of hardwood are easily cut and carved. Others have hardness and durability like steel. Teak wood, Mahogany, pine wood, randu wood are some of the wood materials that you can find in Indonesia.

Solid wood furniture can be made from many types of wood from pine to oak. Softer wood such as pine comes from trees that are always green. Grains in wood are more porous than in hardwood, and may be easier to bend. Pine wood grows faster, making it cheaper. The pieces of wood attached with quality glue are actually stronger in the place they are glued, than if they were to remain unglued. Quality furniture manufacturers use this to their advantage by attaching pieces of wood together to form parts for furniture.

Hardwoods such as Teak and Oak come from rare trees. They have grains that are firmer and not porous. These trees take longer to grow and are usually more expensive than softwood as their raw material. The firmer grains make them harder, so they reject the bite more than softwood. You might be bombarded with advertisements that show that solid wood furniture is made of “pure” wood and hence the quality is better. Quality furniture made with solid wood, veneer wood, and various other materials. Some solid wood furniture is built well from dry kiln-dried wood and is an excellent choice for your home. Other solid wood furniture is more suitable for a backyard or for a picnic at a nearby park shelter.