/Sonokeling Wood, One of Hardwood Family in Indonesia

Sonokeling Wood, One of Hardwood Family in Indonesia

Solid Wood, as the main timbers available in Indonesia are Teak and Mahogany that purchased from Government plantations (Perhutani) and occasionally from private plantations. Since teak and mahogany are not native to Indonesia, we can be sure that these two woods are plantation products. Beside these two kinds of wood, people usually also use Indonesian Roosewood (Sonokeling), however the quantity available of this beautiful wood is limited, so we use it for accents or small productions.

Sonokeling (Dalbergia latifolia) and sono kembang (Pterocarpus indicus) are often called as Indian rosewood. The tree is found lot in the Indian subcontinent, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the southern tip of the peninsula, especially in dry areas of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This plant lives well in areas with rainfall between 750-5000 mm per year, on a variety of soil types, but the tree lives best at the deep soils and moist climate but with good drainage. In Indonesia, the sonokeling trees grow wildly at the slope of many mountains in Central Java and East Java area.

Sonokeling or Palisandre, also known as Indian Rosewood, is a very dense hardwood. Celebrated for its strength and dark beauty, it has been used for centuries for fine furniture-making. Sonokeling has rich color striations ranging from chocolate to espresso to shades of deep purple. When aged, it deepens to a more uniform color, whereas with young Sonokeling, the pale white sapwood contrasts dramatically against the dark tones of the heartwood.

Sonokeling is primarily used in manufacturing high-end furniture. It is extremely strong and durable and is particularly attractive timber. Here Gampingsono.com are a prominent Sonokeling (Indonesian Rosewood) that provides various sizes of cutted Sonokeling (Indonesian Rosewood) woods for multiple purposes, based on customer’s order. Gampingsono.com have been exporting our Sonokeling (Indonesian Rosewood) products to China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe.