/Space Saving Beauty, Minimalist Hanging Garden Designs

Space Saving Beauty, Minimalist Hanging Garden Designs

Want to apply a green house concept in your home? For small house but want to stay beautiful, try to present a minimalist hanging garden which can certainly save space. Whether indoors as part of the interior design or outdoors as part of the exterior, hanging gardens are a variation of vertical gardens that are commonly known by many people. Like a simpler vertical garden, the following hanging garden designs will prove that beauty doesn’t have to need excess space.

Choose several types of plant seeds so that there are variations in plant styles, and you can arrange them further for a hanging garden that fits the interior of the room as a whole. Want a more functional hanging garden? Present a mini herb garden in the kitchen area. Apart from overcoming limited land, well-ordered herbs will also provide the spices needed for cooking. No need to panic if one of the ingredients runs out, because you can take it directly from this hanging garden. Make sure that the size of the pots and the number of plants are adjusted to the area of the kitchen so that a beautiful minimalist impression is still prioritized.

Generally, minimalist homes don’t need many unnecessary accessories or decorations. For those of you who want to save space while still bringing out its own aesthetic of minimalism, try creating a hanging garden that is compacted in one corner of the room. Apart from being an additional decoration, a hanging garden that seems to merge with a green wall immediately grabs attention and gives calm impression that makes you feel at home. This corner of the room will look perfect with an armchair and can be used as your reading corner.

If you usually put succulents in small pots or terrariums, how about putting them in a minimalist hanging garden? Succulent plants have many advantages, starting from their sweet style, being able to filter air, improve humidity in the room, to add a fresh atmosphere and sharpen focus. For you fans of succulent plants, put the types and colors of succulent plants in a hanging garden and pin them in a pot box nailed to the wall. The hanging garden looks like a living nature painting, right?

In addition to hanging pots vertically or making a hanging garden with the some furniture put in, placed several plants by adding sitting pots in the remaining room. Just take inspiration from an indoor hanging garden with boho feel. Besides the house feels more beautiful, the interior of the minimalist room looks more natural and comfortable by the combination of hanging gardens and plants in sitting pots. The implementation of the green house concept will help maintain family health as well. In addition to minimalist sofas and carpets, you can also add some short chairs so that the minimalist garden in the room looks more varied.