/Space-Saving Furniture Designs from The Furniture Showroom

Space-Saving Furniture Designs from The Furniture Showroom

The small house that recently many in demand, force us to be more creative in furniture choosing to fill the rooms space. This is not an easy matter because not only the function that must be considered, but also the aesthetic side in order to remain elegant and comfortable.

Secret Dressing Table
This is one of multi functional furniture. If you fold it, then the table change to roomy desk. But when the table is opened, there is a large mirror behind it. There is also a partitioned room to put your makeup equipment. Made insulated to facilitate the arrangement while maintaining the neatness of the dressing table. In addition, you can prevent it from dust and dirt. The slim shape does not take up too much space. Meanwhile, the empty space under the dressing table is the place of stool for dressing up.

Sliding Doors Wardrobe
Sliding doors are highly recommended to save space in confined spaces. Therefore, your idea has a lot to play with this element for various furniture designs, including wardrobe. Although the design is simple, its functions would a lot. On the door for example, you can install mirror glass. On the other hand, the mirror can also be an accent, adds the spacious impression in the overall space.

But if you are not comfortable with a mirror, you can tuck it in the wardrobe. Just pull it out, the mirror can be directly used. While, make a number of spaces in the wardrobe for variety needs, such as trouser hangers, space for folded clothes, to drawers with partition to put clothes in. The size of the wardrobe can be adjusted according to the needs and room area.

you can fold it until it is leaning against the wall

Folding Dining Table
Another interesting design to look at is the folding dining table. This one of furniture is recommended to fill the space in a studio apartment. In only 24 square meters area, dining table can be the option without needs too much space. When you not use it, you can fold it until it is leaning against the wall. Free space can be used for other purposes. The dining table can also be used as a work table. Thus, you do not need to buy other furniture to meet those needs.