/Stay Beautiful in a Small Living Room

Stay Beautiful in a Small Living Room

A comfortable living room is not determined by the size of the space. Even in a small house with limited space, a living room can be created in not only comfortable, but can also represent the character of the owner of the house. The guest space in your small home can also be comfortable. Check out the following tips to find out:

Casual Style
Casual style can be used for a living room with limited land. No need to placed a sofa, it is enough to put carpet, large cushions, and a low-size table as in traditional Japanese houses.

Sofa model
If you want to use a sofa, you should choose a simple model so that the room looks more spacious. Choose a sofa with a low back. This is so that the distance from the sofa to the ceiling is wider and makes the effect. Another way to give a broad effect can be done by using light colors.

Alloy Furniture
Combine some furniture to polish the room to be more beautiful. For example, among sofas with modern designs, you can add an antique rocking chair as a focal point. To maximize the corner of the room, you can use a small table or small glass cabinet to display photos, souvenirs, or various other unique knick-knacks from various regions that you have visited.

Utilization of Furniture
Given the limited space, you should avoid using furniture that takes up a lot of space and easily broken.

Choice of Plants
Displaying plants can be an option to support the appearance of the living room. However, you need to consider several things, such as size, color, type, and placement.

In addition, don’t push yourself if the living room is not too wide. Pay attention to the aesthetic value when you placed the plants. Also, don’t include plants with complicated leaves or branches if there is a lot of furniture in the house. This will only make the beauty of the house chaotic because the furniture and plants try to “beat each other”.