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Teak Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

Teak wood is very ideal for all outdoor furniture because its durability in the weather conditions of sun, rain, ice and snow effect. In addition, the character of the fiber and its color has its own characteristics.

Teak wood is classified as wood with durable class. It has a strong resistance to rot because of humid air or insect attack and easy maintenance. Teak wood also has a good resistance to weather and temperature changes. so we strongly recommend that teak wood is the best wood for outdoor furniture.

Now to producing furniture that has superior quality, the manufacturer have to the superior Teak wood from legal Indonesia forest and processed it to make it ready become wooden furniture. To realize that manufacturer have a complete machine that is used to produce furniture items so that the quality of the products produced is maintained by its quality. Operated with experts who have experience in the machines and has maximum performance.

For the packaging, try to always use boxes to package each of products that use knock down system so as to save shipping cost and security of every product sent. And every buyer wants the packaging of the product they buy to look luxurious and resistant to collision when shipping. Use a carton box with a corner layer and the items will be wrapped in single face paper before putting it in the box, each side use sterefoam to coat the items from the collision and do this drop test system.