/Teak Root To A Beautiful Table

Teak Root To A Beautiful Table

Teak roots known as one of ecological furniture materials. There are several reason why the Teak root furniture as an eco friendly products, first of all lets get back to how the Indonesian people harvesting the forest. After all trees are big enough, after get the chainsaw and then cut it down, clean of the branches and cut it into desired length, leave the small branches behind and took only the big logs of wood. Drag them to the trucks and leave it all behind. So the branches and the root they are not use, just left there to rotten and let the nature takes their parts.

Teak roots which usually cannot be used to make furniture can be used smartly by craftsmen to be beautiful tables

Through unique carving by the talented and highly skilled craftsmen, the Teak root table transform into luxurious models furniture that will always reveal the classic beauty in furnitures world.

Of course, this table has been varnished so smooth and beautiful. Your living room will look classic but elegant with the presence of a Teak root table in one corner and decorated with fresh flower vases. Remember that with the presence of Teak furniture in your home, it will add to your pride in welcoming guests. This is your home, make it glamour, elegant and classic with Teak touch.