/The Benefits of Ornamental Plants

The Benefits of Ornamental Plants

Plants add beauty and freshness to indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a fact. Likewise with ornamental plants, you will find the benefits of interior design with plants go beyond just creating an aesthetic arrangement. Ornamental plants are not only about the aesthetics and the room decorations, there are still a number of other benefits of ornamental plants that we rarely know.

Adding indoor plants to offices, as well as homes, reduces the feeling of being trapped. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of interior plant decoration.

Removes Toxic Particles from the Air
One of the most well-known benefits of interior plant decoration is that of improved air quality. Not only refreshing the eyes, ornamental plants are also able to improve the air. This is proven by NASA research which reveals that English ivy, chrysanthemum, peace lily, and various other ornamental plant species are effective in removing pollutant particles from the air. Plants are known to absorb carbon dioxide and release it back into the air as oxygen, which is a huge benefit for humans. Some plants also absorb harmful chemicals and toxins, which help clean the air we breathe. The presence of indoor plants only creates a clean fresh feeling.

Reduce The Dust in the Room
In the dry season, dust scatter easily. As a solution, use indoor plants that can release 95-97% of the water they contain into the air. This moisture can trap and absorb dust in the room. In addition, the composition of water from ornamental plants certainly balances the humidity level, especially in the middle of hot dry season. It can be said that ornamental plants are natural and economical air purifiers as well as air humidifiers.

For Focus and Concentration
Carbon dioxide or CO2 level in the room can make you easily tired and lethargic. This condition certainly disrupts your activities and your productivity level. By those ornamental plants in the room, CO2 will be absorbed and replaced by O2 that the body needs. You can refocus on whatever your job is.