/The Benefits of Rattan baskets That You Should Know

The Benefits of Rattan baskets That You Should Know

Rattan is a natural material which a type of palm with unlimited processing power. As one of the tropical countries in Asia, Indonesia is often lined up as the largest rattan producer in the world. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you can often find various rattan crafts, both for small knick-knacks such as baskets, to large furniture such as household furniture. Due to that fact, this craft is often exported to various countries. The attractive nature of rattan and full of benefits makes it a popular material for craftsmen of household tools or other creative industries. This time, we will mainly discuss about rattan basket products, which are handicrafts made from rattan.

What are the advantages of rattan baskets compared to baskets made of other materials?

Environmentally Friendly
Rattan is one of the most available natural material in the world that easy to get. This is because the rattan tree grows easily and develops at a fairly high speed. Rattan also generally has minimal maintenance, both in terms of harvesting to transportation. How to harvest rattan usually only relies on a few simple harvesting tools and easy to move from one place to another. This means that rattan is not only a natural material that environment friendly, but also does not leave much negative impact on the harvest and transportation business. Compared to plastic materials, rattan baskets are much friendlier to the environment around us.

One of the most superior properties of rattan is its flexibility. If you put a lot of items into the basket at once, the rattan basket will not only be able to load a lot of things, but will also not lose its original shape. No need to worry about your rattan basket bent, broken, or damaged because rattan is indeed very flexible for all storage needs.

Compared to bamboo or plastic, rattan is also more resistant to wear, especially for outdoor purposes. The rattan basket that you use for decoration on a garden table can be used for a long time because rattan can withstand various types of weather. With proper handling, rattan baskets can also be used for years.

Easy Maintenance
One of the advantages of rattan is easy maintenance. For decorative baskets made of rattan, generally it is sufficient to clean the dust with an ordinary cloth. To get more perfect results, you can also use a wet cloth regularly. Thus, your rattan basket will last longer.