/The Biggest Furniture Mall in Indonesia is Officially Built

The Biggest Furniture Mall in Indonesia is Officially Built

The Indonesia Design District (IDD) project in Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 area was built. The project is claimed to be the largest furniture mall in Indonesia.

The construction has built on 10 hectares area which will provide home and living furniture tenants. Later, the mall furniture will be a showcase for more than 200 leading brands. IDD is the largest and most comprehensive center for furniture design and home living related in Indonesia. Later, IDD is the most complete furniture shop in Indonesia. Instead of providing domestic products, there are also import products. Including building materials, such as wallpaper, basically for home renovations.

The IDD is also able to provide space for local products to get their market. It even has chance for its products to be exported. This is in line with the government’s vision to support local products. Later the IDD will also hold furniture exhibitions. It is a support for domestic products.

In addition to facilities for the community, this scale can reach outside Jakarta, even abroad, so this is a showcase to bring the name of Indonesia.