/The Characteristics of Quality Jepara Teak Furniture

The Characteristics of Quality Jepara Teak Furniture

Jepara wood carving products have their own charms, you can see from the motifs of tassels or the recesses of the niches where the leaves are like an open fan which at the end of the leaf is tapered. In addition, the shaft of the niche rotates in elongated style and spreads to form small branches that fill the space so that it looks so elegant. In Jepara, almost all districts have furniture and wood carving production centers based their expertise. The results of Jepara wood carving crafts come in various models, start from sculpture motifs, leaf motifs, reliefs and others. The basic material of Jepara wood carvings are teak, mahogany, solidwood and others.

Besides its characteristics, the efforts to improve product and quality control continue to be carried out. This has become an obsession of all Jepara wood carving stakeholders in the international market, to increase importer trust in Jepara wood carving industrial products. There are a number of reasons Jepara wood carvings are very popular. First, there are innovations from Jepara woodcarving crafters. And, Jepara wood carving motifs always change to follow the trend, the motives are not monotonous, and always change by the times.

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