/The Characteristics of Rattan Furniture

The Characteristics of Rattan Furniture

Used to produced contemporary furniture, usually with trendy colors and clean lines, there are various kinds of sofas, tables, chairs and accessories both indoor and outdoor made of rattan. Coupled with wooden frame for various home furnishings, made from 100% recyclable, rattan is the choice for individuals who like their furniture to be environmentally friendly and also stylish.

rattan can be easily use for garden furniture

Because of its durability, rattan can be easily use for garden furniture. Rattan can adapt to high and low temperatures, suitable use in summer and winter. Rattan furniture can also prevent temperature fluctuations and even humidity, which always exist in fall and spring. Because of all these advantages, you can use rattan furniture in a variety of different places, and are very useful in your garden, a place exposed to all weather. Rattan is often said to be a natural tropical wood, tough, flexible, and might just be the right choice for you.

Although it doesn’t look like it, rattan furniture is very easy to maintain. Keep rattan furniture away from extreme heat and low humidity. This condition can cause the rattan to dry up and become brittle and break. Also direct sunlight or high heat areas should be avoided. Consider using an air humidifier in winter that can greatly help to keep the air moist and not too dry. Using furniture polish products that contain high-oil when you clean rattan furniture, will help keep the rattan material supple and prevent brittle fracture.