/The Easy Way to Make-over Your Living Room

The Easy Way to Make-over Your Living Room

Tired of decorating the living room but don’t want to do renovations or redecorate that can cost a lot? There are several ways to make-over your living room easily and cheaply. Your minimalist living room will look different immediately without hassle.

living room arrangement

Rearrange furniture
Try to note the layout of your living room now. Only by changing the position of the sofa, for example, the atmosphere of your living room will feels different. If your living room furniture is quite far apart, try to get closer to each other to create a warmer atmosphere.

Take advantage of stand out colors or patterns
If your living room has white nuance, you can put red sofa cushions to give it a fresh atmosphere. Can also use zebra patterned carpet, for example. The play of colors and patterns will create a different atmosphere in instant.

Stick it or hang it
If you repaint a wall into something troublesome, you can choose to put a unique wall sticker on it. Hanging a family photo can also give a personality to the decoration of your living room. Similarly, by hanging a unique wall clock.

Place the plants
Living plants not only provide freshness to a room, but also provide additional oxygen which is very useful. If your room does not allow to keep plants alive, you can still use artificial plants to get a fresh effect from the color.